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Gully Craft is a market-based joint venture producing high quality hand-crafted items of a practical nature.

Barbara has a passion for making distinctive wares from a wide range of textiles; Robin prefers to use wood, metal and acrylic.

This web site displays examples of nearly all the things we make. If you'd like to purchase a specific item, it will need to be ordered - see our Ordering & Supply page for details.

Alternatively, you can see our wares "in the flesh" on our market stall. Please visit the Contact Us page where you'll find details of our market attendance.

We aim:
* to produce high quality, practical handcrafts through our respective hobbies,
* to meet with other creative folk, exchange ideas, learn new skills and have some fun,
* to inspire people of all ages with our passion and creativity,
* to sell nifty gifts and satisfy indulgences.

One of Barbara's special talents; making Fair Isle garments.

Every boy ... and man .... needs a tractor to play with.

What's New from Barbara
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What's New from Robin
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You can follow Gully Craft on Facebook. Yes, Robin and Barbara are getting hipper with age. The page address:

Otherwise, simply search for "Gullycraft" from your Facebook account or enlist the help of Google to find the Facebook web link.

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Featured Item
There's nothing like writing with a decent pen; not with a cheap effort from China, but a solid, hand-crafted instrument. Robin has quite a selection of pens in stock, with either wooden or acrylic features.

A fine pen makes a great gift and an even better indulgence !

Click here to access the pen page.

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